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Welcome to the website of Ancient Wisdoms.

  •   Ancient Wisdoms is the website of Gwynneth Campbell, complementary therapist, healing facilitator and teacher. 
  •  I use and teach the techniques and philosophies of Chiron Healing®, Essences of the Ancient Civilisations®, and the Chrone incorporating the Aeolian Tree Essences® (all information which has been brought through by the late Jan Thomas, of Australia).
  •  Courses are run regularly throughout the year.
  •  Appointments can be made for individual massage or healing sessions, including distance healing.

Feeling the energy of Ancient Wells
Gwynneth at The Holy Well, Alderley Edge, Cheshire


                                                   Gwynneth Campbell
               Chiron Healing® Practitioner and Teacher. I have been a Massage Therapist
               and healing facilitator for over 30 years, and I began to specialise in Chiron Healing® in 2000. In 2010 I became a recognised teacher of Chiron Healing® by IACHI,
               the accrediting body for Chiron Healing®.
               I work privately as a self-employed Complementary Therapist, including 14 years' experience working in this role in a hospital. Having taught massage in the community for many years, I continue to teach on a number of specialist courses for therapists wishing to work in healthcare, especially cancer care.
               Contact me to book an individual session of Chiron Healing® or Therapeutic Massage. I am currently based in South Manchester. Absent healings can also be arranged.
                    I use a variety of essences in my work, including Essences of the Ancient Civilisations® , The Aeolian Essences® and Rainforest Range Essences.
           I teach Chiron Healing® and the Chrone in Manchester and elsewhere in the UK. I have also taught in Switzerland, Australia and Taiwan.
               I give regular Introductory talks on Chiron and the Chrone, at various venues.