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Michael Webb had a great interest in the Ancient Civilisation of Lyonesse, which existed off the end of Cornwall, until submerged by a huge tidal wave. He lived in Australia for much of his life but before he died in February 2019 he said:
"There are 36 Ancient Civilisation Essences® used in Chiron Healing®, Lyonesse is one of them.
Soon after I became a teacher in 1998 I was chosen by Chiron to be the guardian of the Lyonesse essence.
I have visited the Isles of Scilly researching the ancient Lyonesse connection looking especially for the site of the ancient well, always the centre of a civilization.
Since I visited England in September 2008 I have been drawn to ancient wells, stone circles, standing stones, quoits etc.
I have found that I have been able to connect with the spirit guardians of those places and have been able to gather a great deal of information from those beings.
Much of the information is about the particular attributes that a well especially, may have. 
Many of the wells no longer have any water, much to the dismay of their guardians, many are also in poor repair.
It is important that these places are respected for their sacredness.
The springs and wells are the greatest gift that Gaia offers us - that is water, the essence of life! 
Without water people cannot exist.
This is why villages, hamlets and towns grew up at certain places because of the water supply; without it they would not have existed.  Each well had its particular attributes because of the rock strata that it had moved through before it flowed to the surface; this was Gaia's blessing.
People from outside that particular area would come to live there because of those known attributes.
The well would also store the feeling reason of events that happened.
In the early days there was usually a physical guardian who would dispense the waters and pass on information that was asked of them".

I visit many ancient holy wells and am fascinated by the stories of healing associated with them, and am keen also to help them be restored to their former place of respect and importance.