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Courses and Workshops:
I run workshops and courses on Chiron Healing®, Essences of the Ancient Civilisations®, Chrone wisdom, and Colour.
Regular Introductory Talks and Demonstrations of Chiron Healing®, The Chrone, and Essences take place throughout the year. Many of these are now available on-line -  do enquire!!!
Calendar of events:
To confirm course dates and exact venue please enquire
(gwyn4gold@live.co.uk or ring Gwynneth on 0161 434 5210, or 0781 805 4509)


Well-being Wednesdays: On-line Wednesdays 7 - 8pm UK time. 

Topics presented in rotation - please enquire for dates.

You can attend just one, more or even all of them.


1: Head

2: Shoulders and Neck

3: Face

4: Hands


Introduction to Healing and Essences: On-line Wednesdays 7 - 8pm UK time

1. Introduction to Rainforest Range Essences

2. Introduction to Chiron Healing® 

3. Introduction to the Essences of the Ancient Civilisations®

4. Introduction to The Chrone 

5. Introduction to Colour and Healing

6. Introduction to The HEARTS Process



June 18th: On-line 9.30am (UK time)

Introduction to The Chrone.

Facilitated by Gwynneth Campbell.


June 21st: On-line 9.30am (UK time)

Chrone meeting (a follow-up meeting for people who have already completed The Chrone course)

Facilitated by Gwynneth Campbell.


August 10th and 11th: 9am - 5pm each day.

Colour and Healing. 

Venue: Manchester, UK

Facilitated by Gwynneth Campbell.


August 16th - 18th: Friday 5pm - 8pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am - 5pm (UK times)

Chiron Healing® Level 1

Venue: Manchester, UK

Facilitated by Gwynneth Campbell.


Sept 3rd - Oct 22nd: On-line 9am - 11.30am (UK time).

8 weekly sessions on Tuesdays.

The Chrone

Facilitated by Gwynneth Campbell.


November 3rd - Dec 8th: On-line 8.30am - 11am (UK time).

6 weekly sessions (some Saturdays, some Sundays).

The Essences of the Ancient Civilisations® Set 2

Please note, to enrol on this course you do not need to have studied the first set, nor do you need to have completed a Chiron Healing® course, apart from an Introduction.

Facilitated by Gwynneth Campbell.



Feb - Mar: On-line 8 weekly sessions.

Chrone Too

Facilitated by Gwynneth Campbell.



Chiron Healing® 2024

Level 1:  September or October - please enquire

Level 2:  Please enquire
Level 3:  Please enquire
Level 4:  Please enquire
Level 1 Course:

‘The Chiron Healing® Journey Begins'

Learn to use your healing abilities safely

• Chiron Healing® is channelled information (30 years' work by the late Jan Thomas, Australia)
• A healing modality you can use on yourself and help others to heal themselves including distance healing
• It explains the structure of the etheric pattern and provides techniques to repair, energise and rebalance it
• Develops and deepens your intuition and healing abilities
• Important for sensitives (those who constantly give out energy to others)
• Really appropriate to help the ultra-sensitive children of today

Facilitator: Gwynneth Campbell

• Complementary Therapist and Chiron Healing® Advanced Practitioner

• Experienced and qualified teacher of complementary therapies
• Accredited teacher of Chiron Healing®
• Member of IACHI (International Association of Chiron Healing Inc)

Contact: Gwynneth Campbell
0161 434 5210 or 0781 805 4509

Useful website: www.iachi.com

Chrone Workshops 2024
Chrone 1 (The Chrone): Provisionally Oct - Nov (on-line)
Chrone 2 (Chrone Too!): Date to be confirmed - please enquire
NB: It is advisable but not essential to have completed Chrone 1 before attending Chrone 2.
 Chrone 1: The Chrone
  • Explore the Path of the Chrone, the Intuit from pre-celtic times
  • Delve into the Ancient Wisdoms of the Great Trees that made up the Sacred Grove
  • Use Essences brought forth from these trees to help ourselves and others
  • Expand your intuitive skills and inner knowing
  • Learn how to integrate techniques for everyday life and work



These essences are the Aeolian Essences® produced by the late Jan Thomas, of Australia.  The course material is copyright. Gwynneth has been accredited by Jan and IACHI to teach this amazing work.


Price for 2024: Please enquire (some concessions may be available)


Chrone 2: CHRONE TOO!!

A second Chrone course, brought through and created by Jan Thomas from Australia, and ‘Willow', the Chrone.

This course draws from concepts of the Ancient Intuits who were male or female, so is open to anyone who wishes to access their Intuitive talents. It is not essential to have completed The Path of the Chrone course prior to enrolling on Chrone Too!!, particularly if you are familiar with energy work.

 In this workshop you can:

  • Journey deep into the silence of yourself.
  • Draw out your own ‘Chrone Wisdom', your inner feeling truth from deep within your core.
  • Be reminded how to use your intuitive skills to help yourself and others in today's world.
  • Come and delve more deeply into the ancient wisdoms and energies of the Elements, of Gaia and of the Forest that surrounded the Sacred Grove.

  • Experience the gifts of Alder, Beech, Birch and Elm trees.

  • Enjoy guided inner journeys to other realms

Working manual provided. 

Samples of the Aoelian Essences® relating to the trees introduced on this course, will be given to participants on in-person courses.

Price for 2024: Please enquire (some concessions may be available)




Essences of the Ancient Civilisations® 2024
Set 1: Please enquire
Set 2: Jul - Aug: Tuesdays on-line over 5 weeks. 
Set 3: Please enquire
The 3 sets of Essences reflect 3 different levels for 3 different uses.
It is advisable to begin with Set 1 as they get increasingly deeper. However each course can stand alone, so it may be possible for you to learn about Set 2 before Set 1. However attendance at least one of the first 2 courses is recommended to attend Set 3.
Price: Please enquire (Some concessions may be available)


The Essences of the Ancient Civilisations® - Set 1

The Essences of the Ancient Civilisations® are energetic essences brought through by the late Jan Thomas, the Chiron channel. Their energy comes from the well, the energy centre, of the civilisation, and deal with issues of each civilisation. Their application is different from Flower Essences, as they are used individually and one drop is placed in the Feeling Centre, (the solar plexus area), and so the essence is delivered into the core of the person.

The essences are often used in conjunction with Chiron Healing®. They can also be used on their own or to support other therapies. Excellent in caring for yourself.

Set 1 is from 9 great civilisations, as well as Chironessence, Angelsword and Ancient Angelsword:  

• Atlantis
• Lyonesse
• Lemuria
• Dirogenia (South America)
• The Ladies of the Great Waters (Essence of Hope)
• Isis (Egypt)
• Godnx (Africa)
• Mithraic (Persia)
• The Dragon people (Level 5)

This set of essences is the physical set.  Some of them are used for immediate relief, others over a long term to deal with deeper issues.  They give another dimension to the use of essences. 

The Essences of the Ancient Civilisations® - Set 2 

 In Level 2 we discover the gifts of the feeling essences held in the ancient pools and sacred wells:

• A'Earne - The Water Mystics
• A'Elgata - The Moors
• Aotean - From New Zealand
• Chalybeate - The Lady's Spring
• Coombi - Brother Gaia
• Gaian Essence - Mother Earth
• Honora - Ancient Japan
• Mantreya - The Lost City of Petra
• Oteka - The Ottoman Empire
• Ragnell - the Wells of Knowledge
• Ur - Ancient Sumeria
• W.A.E.F - When All Else Fails Essence
The Essences of the Ancient Civilisations® - Set 3
Level 3 reveals further truth for those who wish to use the knowledge of the past to change the future

• AESCE - The Way of Being
• Aerys - The Searcher Without
• Charys - The Seeker Within
• Chlevat - The Binder
• Devra - Devaic Wisdom
• Diarrhod - The Cleanser
• Emrrhod - The Builder
• Herne - The essence of the Sacred Groves
• Maia - The essence of Beauty
• Racatan - The essence of Flow
• Sovereign - Children's energy restorer
• Wistra - the Elemental energy
• The Universal Essences - Dreaming, Transessence and Dis-Myst